Vision and Values

Lismore Primary School's core purpose is to develop each individual student to become confident, capable and creative lifelong learners in a constantly changing global society. We focus on the individual needs and student centered learning approaches that embrace 21st Century learning.

In order to deliver Our Best Always, our school believes:

» That every child at Lismore Primary School can achieve success » That everyone in our school community is important and is valued » That teachers and students are lifelong learners » That learning is active, meaningful and must be relevant to each student » That every child at Lismore Primary School is encouraged to be engaged in high quality education

The values which we share as a community and determine our actions are:

» Excellence: we set high goals and strive for personal best » Respect: we show care, trust, concern and tolerance for ourselves, others and the environment » Responsibility: we accept a personal responsibility for our words and actions » Persistence: we maintain our expectations at all times in all things